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New FIT4MOM On Demand Video- Let's Check out the New Digs

Guess what!!! We've been keeping a secret...FIT4MOM ON DEMAND IS HERE! Tons of workouts, created exclusively for moms, to workout anytime, anywhere -- on their own time.

Sign up now and save 25%,enter the promo code FIT4MOMCLIENT at checkout for either the monthly or annual subscriptions.

Whether you are pregnant, newly postpartum, a toddler mom, working mom, SAHM, foster mom -- ANYONE -- FIT4MOM On Demand offers workout classes for moms at any age and stage of motherhood. It's the perfect compliment to your existing franchise membership.

Workout from your living room, the backyard, while on vacay, or even in the kitchen; #F4Mondemand gives you access to unlimited online workouts taught by Fit Pros in a variety of formats + lengths to fit your #momlife. Only have 10 minutes? We've got an express workout for you. Want to get a 30-minute cardio blast in? We have heart-pumping classes for you. Want to get in a stretch or mellow yoga sesh? We've got you!

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