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Three Best Prenatal Yoga and Prenatal Fitness Spots in Honolulu

If you're a pregnant mom in Honolulu and you're looking to keep moving during your pregnancy- we've got your covered. We know how overwhelming being pregnant during Covid-19 can be, so here's our list of Prenatal Fitness and Yoga workouts to try out. Learn More!

1. FIT4MOM Honolulu Fit4baby- Classes are taught by franchisee Takara Swoopes Bullock and are delivered live via zoom. If you're looking to stay connected with other expectant moms during your pregnancy while getting in a great workout that follows ACOG guidelines, try out a FREE Class. Classes focus on cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility all while helping you build your village and strength for motherhood.

2. Purple Yoga - Classes are taught by the lovely Cathy Louise Broda and are delivered virtually due o Covid-19 resrictions. If you are looking to get a deep, relaxing and mama nurturing stretch, this program is the one.

3. FIT4MOM On Demand- Ready to move and sweat for baby, but the LIVE class times just don't work for you? You might want to try the new FIT4MOM On Demand service. The pricing is no brainer! Prenatal and Postnatal workouts include: 10 Minute Labor Prep-Prenatal Workout, 20-Minute Prenatal Yoga Practice, and a 40 Minute Full Body Prenatal Conditioning workout, amongst many others! Sign-up here!