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FIT4MOM Honolulu, Owner/Franchisee. Aloha! I’m Takara and I'm thrilled to welcome you into our Fit4Mom Village! If you are struggling to find your tribe or village, or to make friends here in Hawaii, or to find a fitness solution that works now that you're a mom, here's your personal invitation to come and join ours.

I'm a mother-of-three, homeschooler, and Alabama native whose had the pleasure of living in DC, Tokyo, & San Diego. I love that we now call Hawaii home. Our family relocated from Tokyo to Hawaii shortly after the earthquake and tsunami happened in Japan in 2011. I joined Fit4mom when I lived in Ewa Beach because I didn't have any friends here, I was pregnant with my 2nd little girl. My husband came home one day and told me about this group of moms with strollers exercising he'd seen in our neighborhood and gave me their info. I checked it out, I was skeptical at first (stroller/exercising... really?) but after my first class I kept going back. Here's why: the women were friendly, warm and welcoming. My kids LOVED the playtime and friends. The workouts were awesome (no walk in the park) and made me feel great. Come and join our tribe! I would love to pay it forward.

Certified Stroller Strides & Fit4Baby Instructor. Certified Stroller Barre Instructor. Certified Body Back Instructor. Certified Beta Running Coach.


Aloha Beautiful Mommas!!!!

My Name is Whitney and I have a little toddler boy named Daxton and I'm expecting my second boy this summer. I am originally from Southern California and moved to Hawaii 4 years ago to be with my

I am beyond EXCITED to be working with the FIT4MOM program. Stroller Strides has been a life-saver for me since becoming a new mom! It is not just an amazing workout, it’s about connecting and building beautiful long lasting friendships for our families!

I have always been passionate about health and fitness. From spinning, running, walking, roller-skating, swimming, core power yoga - you name it I have done it. Working out is what keeps me balanced and gives me energy!

I have loved being a spin instructor for the last 4 years. It was very important to me to stay fit while pregnant, so I taught spin classes up until I was 8 months pregnant with my first boy, Dax. After giving birth to Dax I knew I had to get back into it -- but WOW it was so hard to just get out of the house. Thank the LORD for stroller strides. Not only did it get me back into an exercise program, it gave me a whole new group of friendships.

I am truly blessed by all the AMAZING moms I have met through stroller strides. Becoming part of Fit4mom/stroller strides is a TRUE sisterhood. I look forward to meeting more AMAZING mommies along the way!



I'm Karen and I am a Fit4Mom Honolulu Instructor! As a mother of 2, I started taking Body Back & Stroller Strides classes in 2016. After a few months I had such an incredible experience I felt compelled to teach my own classes!

I love living a healthy lifestyle with my family, and being outside in beautiful Hawaii year round is more than anyone can ask for. God brought our journey to Oahu 4 years ago and I can't imagine my life anywhere else!

I would love to see you at my class! I have a magnetic personality and I am passionate about guiding other moms through a great workout that will leave them feeling energized and confident the rest of the day. I challenge you to take care of yourself first with your workout and connect with your little one during class time.

I spread Aloha wherever I go! See you there!


Mama, Wifey, Veteran, Bawsr Love what I do because I do what I love!

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