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Three Best Prenatal Fitness & Yoga Spots in Honolulu

If you're a pregnant mom in Honolulu and you're looking for a good prenatal fitness or yoga spot to keep moving during pregnancy, we've go you covered! We've compiled a list of the best spots, based on the recommendations of 100+ moms in Honolulu. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

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5 FREE Mommy and Me Playgroups in Honolulu

Wondering where all of the free playgroups are in Honolulu? Keep reading girl! Whether you're new to the island or you're a brand new mom, at some point, you're going to have to get your and baby out of the house and for MomSANITY. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

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We're all about the HIIT workouts and if you're a mom, YOU should be too! They don't take long, but they sure do burn a LOT of fat quickly. We asked moms around the community what their favorite HIIT workouts are. Here are their top picks! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

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Yes! Hoodie weather has finally arrived to the island of Oahu! The new FIT4MOM retails shop has some cute cool weather items to keep you warm during those cool and windy mornings in Hawaii.


Hi! It's been awhile since I've introduced you to the face behind the name here at FIT4MOM Honolulu, so I wanted to take a second to say hello, and share a little more about me! I'm a mama to four cuties, a wife to Gerald, and have owned FIT4MOM Honolulu since 2015. Before becoming a mom and owning a FIT4MOM franchise, I worked an executive recruiter (headhunter) in Tokyo.

I knew FIT4MOM was the right fit for me when I attended my...


Let's HIIT it mama!! Every Saturday morning, we meet up on a beautiful beach in Kahala and enjoy a beautiful Sunrise Body Back workout. It's hands down one of my favorite days of the week because I get to connect with other moms and enjoy a beautiful location on the island. The sunrises are breathtaking and I always tell my moms in class that we are so blessed to be able to workout at such a beautiful place every Saturday. If you are looking...

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We just wrapped up our Fall 2019 Body Back session and we celebrated on the beautiful rooftop of Tommy Bahamas Restaurant in Waikiki. The venue was beautiful and the mamas were even more beautiful.

We actually had THREE Session winners this session!