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HONOLULU, Franchisee/Owner

Takara is a homeschooling mother-of-three and owner of FIT4MOM Honolulu. Originally from Decatur, Alabama, she has resided in Hawaii for eight years (non-military). Before Hawaii, she lived in Japan for six years where she researched as a Fulbright Fellow and later worked as a headhunter recruiting talent in the tech industry.

She is certified to teach Stroller Strides®, Strides 360®, Fit4baby®, Run Club+ and Body Back®. Takara serves on the FIT4MOM Franchise Advisory Council 2018, 2019 and was chosen as a Top Three Franchisee Finalist in 2017; and Trailblazer amongst her peers in 2018.

whit headshot.JPG

Whitney McCallum

HONOLULU, Senior Instructor

Whitney was born and raised a sunny southern California girl! Seven years ago she moved to the amazing rainbow state Honolulu Hawaii! She has a passion for fitness, fashion, and family! Whitney is a girlie girl living in a boys world. She has her hands full with two boys Daxton 4 1/2 and Nashville 2 1/2.

Whitney is certified in Fit4baby®, Stroller Strides® and MADDOG Spin®.

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HONOLULU, Senior Instructor

Emily is a mother of two from LaCrescenta, California. She has been living in Hawaii since 2008 (Big Island & Oahu). Emily joined FIT4MOM in 2016 and became an instructor the same year. She hopes to see you in a class soon!

She is certified to teach Fit4Baby®, Strides 360®, Stroller Strides®, and Body Back®. Emily holds an MS in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Marriage and Family; BA Psychology.

emily lane headshot.png

Emily Lane

HONOLULU, Senior Instructor

Emily is certified to teach Fit4Baby®, Strides 360®, and Stroller Strides®.

laura cage.png

Laura Cage

HONOLULU, Instructor

Laura is a North Carolina native who has been living in Hawaii for the better part of eight years. She loves being active with her family and friends and spending time outdoors.

She teaches Body Back®, Stroller Strides®, and FIT4BABY®. FIT4MOM has had such a positive impact on her life and she wants to pay it forward to the new and returning island mamas. It is a JOY for Laura to welcome them into their F4M ohana and village!